What Does An IT WingMan Do?

Look, if you are not a computer guru or network junkie then you probably do not need to be constantly monitoring your computer gear and software for vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, the sad fact is that in this ever changing technology enabled world, there is always someone looking to take advantage of these vulnerabilities. With an IT Wingman on your side, you have a team of people examining your network, updating your software, plugging holes in security, cutting down on SPAM and securing your systems and email from viruses and other vulnerabilities.

Your IT WingMan has the tools and expertise to manage your systems so that you can focus on what you do best. Whether it's your business, hobby or spending more time with your family, let your WingMan cover you.

Eagle-Watch Systems Monitoring Solution,
is an exclusive product that inventories and monitors your systems hardware and software. With this inventory we can check your systems against a comprehensive list of known vunerabilities. Eagle-Watch will also inform you of new vulnerabilities as they occur and assist you in securing your systems.

What is a system?,  Basically any device that runs an application and exchanges data is to be classified as a system. Some examples of the systems that we help you protect would be your personal or business computers, servers, wireless and wired networks, broadband connections, PDA's and SmartPhone devices. We also include the often neglected phone systems, VOIP and voicemail systems.
Systems Orientation and Hardening, occurs as part of the initial evaluation of your systems. This is the process of gathering intelligence regarding your systems software and configuration. Everything from evaluating software configurations to providing necessary settings to secure your systems. It is in this process that we can uncover most of the vulnerabilities that go unnoticed by everyone excluding the predator that exploits it. learn more...

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